Companies You Can Call For Coupons

NOTE: At ANY TIME companies can decide to no longer send out coupons. Should you experience this, please contact me and let me know so I can update the list.

To call a company and ask for coupons, all you have to say is “Hi, I really like your product (or I would like to try your product) and I wanted to know if you send out coupons.” They will hopefully say yes and ask you for your name and address. It really is that simple.


Alieve (part of Bayer)1-800-395-0689

Allen’s (Canned)Vegetables- 1-800-234-2553

Almay- 1-800-992-5629\Anonymous&site=website

Apple and Eve-1-800-969-8018

Arm and Hammer (Church and Dwight) 1-800-524-1328

Arnold (part of Bimo baked goods)

Bigelow (tea)- 1-888-244-3569

Bimbo Bakeries- 1-800-984-0989 PLEASE NOTE: Bimbo does Entemmanns, Arnold and many other brands- you can only choose 2 coupons to be sent per year. Choose wisely. (May no longer send out.)

Breyers (part of Unilever)

Bush’s (baked beans)-(Must write to them but they send!)

Carolina Rice-(See Rivianna Foods)

Cento (Also does Ferrero and Anna pasta) -856-853-5445

Celestial Seasoning-1-800-434-4246 *Note: Celestial also does Garden of Eatin and Terra Chips. When you call, specify what you want.

Chiquita –(FRESH EXPRESS Salad)- 513-784-8000

Chock Full O’Nuts Coffee – (888) 246-2598 (may take 3-4 weeks to receive)

Colgate Palmolive- 1-800-468-6502 (hit prompt 2 and then 2 again for Consumer Affairs)

Daisy (Sour Cream + Cottage Cheese)- 1-877-292-9830 – Can call every 6 months

Dannon 1 request per year – 1-877-326-6668

Dean Foods (Friendship, Land O’Lakes, Lehigh Valley) – 1-800- 854-3243 (only sends out to select areas)

Dial (Part of Henkle) (can call every 3 months)- 1-800-258-3425

Dole (Bagged Salad)- 1-805-601-5881 or 1-800-356-3111 (You can call every 6 months)

Dr. Praegers –They’d prefer if you print coupons off their Facebook page

Earthbound Organic – (only select products are Kosher) – 1-800-690-3200

Eden Organic- 888 424-EDEN

Edy’s -1-888-590-3397

Eggland’s Best – 1-800-922-3447

Eight O’Clock (Coffee) – 1-800-299-2739

Entemmann’s (part of Bimbo)

Farmland Dairies (skim milk- lactose free available)- 973-777-2500

Fresh Express (see Chiquita)

Garden of Eatin’ (See Celestial)

Hanover – 717-632-6000

Heinz –  1-800-255-5750 (No longer sends out coupons.)


Huggies (see Kimberly Clark)

Jif- 1-800-283-8915

Johanna Foods (La Yogurt, Tree Ripe OJ) – 1-800-727-6700 – They send free product coupons but only ONCE.

Jolly Time (popcorn) -712-239-1232

Lactaid – 1-800-522-8243

La Yogurt (part of Johanna)

Luvs (part of P& G)

Maneshewitz Kosher (Rokeach, Croyden, Mother’s, Season, Goodmans)- 201-553-1100


McNeil- (see product brands below)

  • Tylenol and Zyrtec – 1877-895-3665
  • Splenda- 1800-777-5363
  • Viactive- 1877-Viactive
  • Stayfree +Carefree – 1888-782-9373

Melitta (coffee)- 1-888-635-4882

Minute Rice (See Riviana)

Mrs. T’s –1800-Pierogy – will only send out once

Mt. Olive – 1800-672-5041

Mueller’s Pasta –no number to call but you get coupons immediately upon signing up for their newsletter.


For everything Nestle except for ice cream call 1-800-225-2270

Hit 1 for English

For Nestle Baking (Libby’s, Nestle Toll House) or Nestle Chocolate (Butterfinger, Nips, Crunch, 100 Grande) Hit Prompt 1

For Nestle Beverages (Nescafe, hot cocoa, Nesquick—they also do Poland Spring water and I think some other brands of water but not sure if they send out water coupons)- Hit prompt 3

For Nestle ICE CREAM (Nestle, Skinny Cow, Edys)- call 1800-441-2525

Philly Swirl – 1-877-3SWIRLS (1-877-379-4757) (sends out coupons for free items)

Pfizer – (Thermacare and Advil) -1800-322-3129

Purex- 800-457-8739 (part of Henkel)


Rice Dream/Soy Dream (Hain Celestial)—see Celestial

RightGuard (Henkle)

Riviana – (713) 529-3251

SC. JOHNSON – 1-800-494-4855

Silver Palate – 1800-872-5283

Skinny Cow (part of Nestle)

Skippy (part of unilever)

Smuckers – 1-888-550-9555

Starkist (ask for coupons for canned tuna) 800-252-1587 *Not sure if they still send out


Toffuti – 908-272-2400

Turkey Hill – 800 MY DAIRY (800 693-2479)

Tylenol – See McNeil

Windex (SC. JOHNSON)

Yo Crunch