Couponing “Calendar”

Once a week:

  • Clip the coupons that come in your weekly circulars and Sunday paper. File them away right away as to not let them pile up.
  • Clip the new SavingStar coupons (SavingStar pays you after you buy an item)
  • Check for new coupons on and They will put up printable coupons of some of the coupon inserts that come in the papers. (Optional)
  • View my weekly Match-ups for Shoprite and my Drugstore Deals

Once a month:

At the beginning of every new month:

  • Print coupons on your favorite couponing sites. For a list of reputable coupon sites visit the How To Get Coupons Page.

On the last day of every month:

  • Go through your coupons and throw out any coupons that expire.

Couponing Calendar

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