How To Get Coupons

Where to find printable coupons:

Note: Each computer can print 2 of each coupon. – a wide variety of printable coupons

Print Free Coupons – a wide variety of printable coupons – a wide variety of printable coupons– a wide variety of printable coupons and listings of Catalina deals (Catalinas are the rewards you get for buying a certain product or products- usually it comes out as dollar-off store coupons to be used on any items you wish). -Primarily General Mills coupons – (Match these up with the once-a-month Acme cereal deals for insanely cheap cereal.) – Kellogg’s cereal coupons – Unilever coupons – Mostly cleaning supplies Tide, Pampers, CoverGirl, Pantene and Other P+G Products – For Target coupons and a few MFR coupons

And don’t forget to check the websites of your favorite brands!

How to get paper coupons:

The Sunday paper – Occasionally papers run deals to get the paper for $1 an issue. Try to get this deal because usually the low price is locked in.

Supplemental Weekday Papers – Sometimes, weekly papers will carry extra coupons from the Sunday paper. For example, in Philadelphia, the weekly paper The Northeast Times which is free and is delivered on Wednesday nights contains coupons from the Philadelphia Inquire (local Sunday paper).

The Weekly Circulars (sale ads)

E-Coupons: – Pays you for buying specific items – 100% digital eCoupons

Shoprite E-coupons

Other ways to acquire coupons:

Call the companies you love and just ask for them.

Please see the Companies You Can Call for Coupons page.

Most send with the exception of Kraft, Coke, Pepsi, Hershey, General Mills, Kellogg’s and a few others.

Coupon-Clipping websites – These are websites where you pay a small handling fee to get pre-cut coupons so you don’t have to worry about the hassle yourself- I like

The Coupon Clippers

To understand how to maximize your coupon savings and to find out what types of coupons you can stack, please visit the Savings Sandwich page.